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Obtain the full picture of your research topic and learn how to go beyond journal literature (10am London)


  • Our experts will demonstrate with a case study how to conduct a thorough and complete search on a topic by employing the power of the Citation Connection of the Web of Science. You will learn how to discover important research in your topic that goes beyond journal literature. You will learn how to uncover other literature types of interest such as patents and data amongst others. The Citation Connection will enable you to:-
  • Track the progress of a topic over time using a wide range of literature databases.
  • Identify the most  relevant research in your topic using  specialist indexing.
  • Add layers of expert information from various research specialisms (medical, biological, environmental, engineering) to better understand the major research themes of a paper in order to identify the most relevant papers.  
  • Register: https://clarivatesupport.webex.com/clarivatesupport/k2/j.php?MTID=t5ba8a8ae9712201a68f24ae0c6659f16
Monday, October 30, 2017
6:00am - 6:45am
Online Webinar
  English     Web of Science  

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